The European Piano Teacher’s Association (EPTA) was founded in England in 1978, on the initiative of Carola Grindea, professor at the Guildhall School. At present the EPTA involves 35 national associations. Every year the EPTA holds an assembly and organises various seminars, master classes, and contests.
The Estonian Piano Teacher’s Association (EPTA Estonia) was called into being in 1989 by Arbo Valdma, an acknowledged teacher and at present a professor at the Cologne Academy of Music. The first chairman of the society was Bruno Lukk, one of the most outstanding Estonian music teachers of all times; his successor is Peep Lassmann, Rector of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
The EPTA Estonia facilitates the communication between piano teachers and organises several contests and master classes. The event of the year are the all-Estonian Days of Piano Teachers. The EPTA Estonia is one of the main initiators of the International Piano Festival, taking place in Tallinn.
To promote the pianists and piano music, the EPTA Estonia has issued a CD with Bruno Lukk’s music, and another one with piano music for children by Estonian composers. On the latter, one can hear pieces for children by R. Tobias, M. Saar, E. Mägi, E. Tamberg, A. Pärt, E.-S. Tüür, U. Sisask, and others, performed by most outstanding Estonian pianists.
The association publishes its journal “Klaver” (The Piano) twice a year.

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